Bye, guys.

Well, I left things pretty open-ended for a while. But the reality is that NGTI is over.

What started out mainly as a gag comic while I was in high school quickly escalated into a sci-fi/fantasy romance adventure, starring characters I'd had in my mind since I was a child. It picked up more readers and fans than I could have imagined. They stayed with the comic through thick and thin, and were, for the most part, ultra supportive. Looking back, drawing NGTI kept me sane throughout high school. It was my creative outlet, something I looked forward to doing. It kept me constantly drawing, constantly thinking, constantly aspiring to do better things. And even today, those creative dreams are stronger than ever.

But the reality is this part of my life is over. NGTI represents a time when I thought about different things, knew different people, and was generally a different person. I see art and storytelling in different ways, and would like to think I've improved strongly at each. NGTI was my draft board for this process, and so I am still happy I did it. But again, times have changed.

The archives have been taken down. At this point, I no longer have a desire to share these comics publicly. I will always preserve them for my own records, and perhaps someday put a few select pages back up. But if you want to read more of my stories, please check out Skirting Danger instead. You will find something I'm much more proud to show you, there.

If you'd like, you can contact me at punkybirdATpunkybirdDOTcom. Please don't ask if I'm going to draw the comic anymore or put the archives back online. I will not be drawing the comic anymore, and the archives are for whatever use I may decide.

Thanks for reading, everyone.